Karolinska Institutet’s Sustainability Award

Many students and staff at KI promote sustainability in different ways. The aim of KI's Sustainability Award is to celebrate and inspire continued and new actions for sustainable development at KI.

What does the award entail?

The winner is presented at KI's Sustainability Day and is awarded a diploma and a check of SEK 30 000 to develop or enhance the awarded initiative or activity at KI.

Who can be nominated for the award?

A particularly good initiative, activity or workplace at KI which promotes sustainability can be nominated for the award. Nominations can include groups or individuals, students or staff at KI.

Who can nominate for the award?

Heads of departments and directors at KI are encouraged by direct invitation to nominate candidates for the award.

How is the award decided?

KI's Council for Environment and Sustainable Development decides on the award, based on a review of the nominations made by an assessment group.

The assessment is based on four criteria:

  • The initiative/work includes both students and employees 
  • Contribution to sustainability work at KI
  • Effects the work led to
  • Expected results in the future.

Recipients of the award

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