Local trips

Information about short local trips and trips by car.

Public transportation

You should always use public transportation whenever possible.
If you purchase SMS tickets, keep a travel record in order to obtain compensation. Your travel record should include the cost, method of payment, time of travel and means of transport.

For trips between KI campuses in Solna and Huddinge you should use the KI commuter bus when the schedule permits.

Rental car

KI uses the government frame agreement for rental cars (Swedish only), where Hertz is the first choice for cars conntected to a trip and Avis is the first choice for long term rentals.


KI uses the government frame agreement with the taxi company Taxi Public Service, MPSS.
You need a customer profile to book online or by phone. You can also go to your administrator so they can help you with your booking.
Use the form on the right hand side to apply a profile. Hand this form to the administrator at your institution.

After the booking a written confirmation is sent to you by e-mail with information about time, place and price. The confirmation is used to make sure that the invoice is correct. No cash or debit card payment is needed. For cheaper travel, use "samtransport" (car pool) when you book a taxi.

Taxi and taxi with connection to travels

Telephone number for all bookings (for registered customers): 0771-55 56 66
Online system for all bookings: mycab.se

KI’s Travel Agency are able to help you with taxi connected to flights or train.


It is recommended that you book your train tickets with our Travel Agency. If necessary you can book train tickets directly with SJ, either via their website or by phone 0771-75 75 55. You must always provide your customer number and a correct invoice reference when you book. For more information about the customer number contact the administrative manager for your department.

Own car

You can use your own car for domestic travel if KI decides it to be the most suitable form of transport.

Use of your own car is considered most suitable when you:

  • are transporting heavy or bulky baggage on behalf of KI
  • have two or more passengers who are going to the same location
  • save time

KI compensates for congestion charges (trängselskatt). You must attach a receipt or copy of your bank statement to your travel expense report.

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