Local trips

Information about short local trips and trips by car.

Public transportation

You should always use public transportation whenever possible.
If you purchase SMS tickets, keep a travel record in order to obtain compensation. Your travel record should include the cost, method of payment, time of travel and means of transport.

For trips between KI campuses in Solna and Huddinge you should use the KI commuter bus when the schedule permits.

Rental car

KI uses the government frame agreement for rental cars (Swedish only), where Hertz is the first choice for cars conntected to a trip and Avis is the first choice for long term rentals.


Flygtaxi Sverige AB is the new supplier on the framework agreement of taxi services. 

What products are included? 

Ordinary Flygtaxi products booked through a travel agency (taxi to or form the airport or train station). 

Regular point-to-point taxis (from one address to another) are included

The journeys will be priced at fixed rates. The fixed prices will be based on the taximeter prices specified in the tender per county. 

The creation of traveller profiles is required. 

You can email directly to support@flygtaxi.se, indicating whether you will be able to book only for yourself or for yourself and others. Also inform which institution you belong to. You will then receive a login email from Flygtaxi where you can build your own profile. 

Booking channels app, web or call centre (when booking to or form airport/train station in connection with travel, air taxi can be booked directly through the travel agency). 


08-120 920 00 

Button selection #1: Emergency change or cancellation of an existing booking or for a car search 

Button selection #2: Customer service and agent support 

Button selection #3: Booking of Air Taxi / Train Taxi 

Button selection #4: Booking of trips to / from Åre

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  • Charging for travel takes place via our travel account (applies to both air taxis and point-to-point) This means that no cash or payment card handling in the car is needed. Which removes a large administration time for KI.

Capacity requirements for vehicles in the agreement

  • 35 locations close to the authorities were identified
  • Requirements were set for access to vehicles in these locations.
  • Proof, registration number and co-operation agreement with the owner of the car.


  • Support function on weekdays between 09.00 and 16.00. - 24-hour service every day of the year.  08-120 920 00
  • Meeting with a name plate in the arrival hall only applies to terminal 5 Arlanda Airport, for pick-up at other terminals see information below.

Waiting time

When a taxi is ordered at a specified time, five (5) minutes of waiting time must be included for the person entitled to call, after which a waiting rate may be charged (according to the hourly rate in the Prices appendix). After five (5) minutes' waiting time, the driver must contact the traveller. If the traveller is not available and does not arrive at the site after a total of 15 minutes, the driver may leave the site. A maximum of ten (10) minutes waiting time can be charged unless the parties agree otherwise.

Penalties in case of delay

Compensation in the event of missed flights and/or train departures The person entitled to a call-off is entitled to compensation for direct costs incurred in connection with the event, the compensation can amount to a maximum of SEK 40,000.

Compensation for delays If the ordered vehicle does not arrive or is more than 15 minutes late, the person entitled to call-off is entitled to a penalty payment of SEK 500. The right to a penalty payment does not apply if the framework agreement supplier can demonstrate that the delay is due to events beyond the framework agreement supplier's control.


It is recommended that you book your train tickets with our Travel Agency. If necessary you can book train tickets directly with SJ, either via their website or by phone 0771-75 75 55. You must always provide your customer number and a correct invoice reference when you book. For more information about the customer number contact the administrative manager for your department.

Own car

You can use your own car for domestic travel if KI decides it to be the most suitable form of transport.

Use of your own car is considered most suitable when you:

  • are transporting heavy or bulky baggage on behalf of KI
  • have two or more passengers who are going to the same location
  • save time

KI compensates for congestion charges (trängselskatt). You must attach a receipt or copy of your bank statement to your travel expense report.

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