Occupational Health - information for managers and HR

The occupational health service exists as an expert resource to support KI as an employer to work both pro-, pre- and re-actively in the work environment area, in order to create the best possible conditions for our organisations.

If you are a manager or work in HR, you can order all the services included in the agreement. Some services are paid for by central funds while other services are paid for by the department or unit (locally). The basic rule is that statutory services such as medical check-ups, exposure measurements, certain vaccinations, etc. are funded by common funds, while individual cases, health tests, etc. are up to the respective manager and institution.

To read more about the content of the services - click on the link at the top right "Services at Avonova".

Appointment booking by phone or via the Avonova portal

Do you want to order a service or need to consult an Avonova specialist before ordering? 

  • Select the number depending on campus Solna / Flemingsberg as below
  • Select the option for "managers and HR"
  • You will speak to an administrator who will book you in to be called by a specialist to get advice on your particular case on the same day or at a time that suits you. 

For those who work at campus Solna 

Contact Avonova Klara Strand 

Telephone: 08 - 120 125 00 

Telephone hours: Monday - Friday between 08.00 - 16.30

E-mail: stockholmcity@avonova.se 

For those who work at campus Flemingsberg

Contact Avonova Huddinge 

Telephone: 08 - 120 124 10 

Telephone hours: Monday - Friday between 08.00 - 16.30

E-mail: huddinge@avonova.se 

Booking procedures

All visits require an appointment. Bookings can be made either by telephone contact with one of the Avonova Health Centres or via the Avonova portal. Usually, Administrative Managers and HR have access to the Avonova portal.

As a rule, Avonova is able to provide a same-day appointment for the treatment of stab wounds at risk of blood contamination and acute crisis situations such as threats and violence.

For ordering medical checks and vaccinations when working with laboratory animals and human material, you can read more in the box "More about this topic".


No-shows or late cancellations (less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit will be charged).