Faculty board - members, meetings and minutes

The Faculty Board has under the university president the overall responsibility for education and research at the faculty. Examples of areas of responsibility are resource allocation, infrastructure, quality systems and recruitment of teaching and research staff.



Annika Östman Wernerson, President and chairperson

Academic Vice Presidents of the three committees

Robert Harris, Academic Vice President for Doctoral Education

Marie Arsenian-Henriksson, Academic Vice President for Research

Ewa Ehrenborg, Academic Vice President for Higher Education

Deans of the three departmental groups

Sten Linnarsson, Dean KI Solna 

Carl Johan Sundberg, Dean KI North

Matti Sällberg, Dean KI South

Faculty representatives

Catharina Larsson

Anna Norrby-Teglund

Mikael Karlsson

Student representatives

Vega Strindlund (OF)

Elin Törnqvist (MF)

Daniel Söderberg (MF)

Participating university officials

Martin Bergö, Vice President

Marie-Louice Isacson, Deputy University Director, principal rapporteur

Magnus Ericson, Secretary of the Faculty Board

Meeting times


  • January 31, 09.00-13.00
  • March 5, 13.00-17.00
  • April 17, 08.00-11.30
  • May 20, 13.00-17.00
  • June 17, 13.00-17.00
  • September 12, 13.00-17.00
  • October 22, 13.00-17.00
  • November 25, 13.00-17.00
  • December 18, 09.00-13.00

Strategy discussions 2024

  • February 21, 13.00-20.00 
  • September 3, 09.00 – September 4, 14.00 


Minutes are only available in Swedish.

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