Service ANA Futura

On this page you will find parts of the service that is available in ANA Futura.

Reception ANA Futura Photo: Christina Sundqvist


On the 7th floor in ANA Futura we have a reception staffed by our service team. The service team has the reception as base when working with administration. The reception therefore has irregular staffing.

Please contact us in this order:

To get a complete log of all requests coming in and not lose any work, #1 and #2 are the primary contact routes to the service team. No 3 should only be used for more urgent matters.

  1. Email:
  2. Register a ticket through the web portal: Login to the system and register your ticket.
  3. Phone number: 08-524 836 41 (urgent matters)

Goods receiving office

On the 7th floor, we have a a goods receiving office for deliveries to Alfred Nobels Allé 8B.
N.B. It is very important that you provide the correct delivery address when you are having goods delivered. You can find the correct address on the page “Addresses ANA Futura”.

The service team is responsible for deliveries and bring the packages to the goods receiving office on floor 7. Customers receive a text message when packages are available for pick-up.

Print of goods receiving office in ANA Futura
Good receiving office in ANA Futura Photo: Illustration

Dishwashing unit

In ANA Futura we have our own in-house system for washing and sterilisation which will provide a basic service that is available to all researchers in ANA Futura. Read more about the Dishwashing unit in ANA Futura.


Pigeon holes are located in every coffee room on floors 6, 7 and 8. Outgoing mail must be delivered to the mailroom on floor 5. This is a responsibility of ANA Futura staff at each floor/coffee room. Everyone has access to the mailroom via their KI card. 

Responsibilities for the coffee machines in ANA Futura

We have coffee machines in the coffee rooms on all floors and in the lunchroom. Who should re-fill the coffee in the machines? You can find all the answers on the page: responsibilities for the coffee machines in ANA Futura.

Error reporting

Is something broken? Check out the information about error reporting in ANA Futura.

Service team ANA Futura

We have a brilliant service team based in the premises of ANA Futura. The group handles the common spaces, services and technical services for ANA Futura.

Contact information for the service team

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