Routine for fund requests for common infrastructure in ANA Futura

This routine applies for funding requests for common infrastructure to be used by all researchers within ANA Futura.

A common request applies when the value exceeds 50 000 SEK. Final decision is made by the ANA Futura Steering Committee. Amounts below 50 000 SEK is decided by each department head.

  1. The initiating group collects the following information (use request form below):
    - Description of the equipment
    - Who needs the equipment?
    - Who are the users?
    - What funds are requested from the Steering Committee? (amount)
    - Quotation from procured suppliers.
    - Have external funding been sought?
  2. The initiating group provides documentation to their department head/head of administration in step 1 for approval.
  3. If department head/head of administration approves in step 2. Send the request form to a representative in the Drafting Committee ANA Futura.
  4. The Drafting Committee ANA Futura reviews the request and discusses the current need of the equipment.
  5. If the Drafting Committee ANA Futura approves the request, the documentation will be sent to the ANA Futura finance group for further discussions (if there are funds or not).
  6. If the finance group approves in step 5, the request will be addressed at a Steering Committee meeting for a final decision.
  7. The facility manager in ANA Futura informs the initiation group if the request is approved or denied.

Request form

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