Work environment at NVS

At KI, all areas of activity should be characterized by good physical, organizational, and social study- and work environment, free from discrimination, insult, and harassment. The work at NVS related to value statements and work environment issues are described in the Operational plan 2021-2023.

The Head of Department has the overall responsibility to fulfil the duties of an employer for the work environment. Delegation rules state that responsibility for work environment is delegated to Heads of Divisions, research group leaders and unit managers.

The work environment group at NVS is formed with representatives from all divisions, as well as representatives from both employer and employees, including safety representatives and equal treatment representatives. The group meets twice every semester (more often if needed), discussing issues related to work environment and equal opportunity at the department.

According to the Swedish Work Environment Act, all employers should carry out systematic work environment management. Part of that includes monitoring the work environment, make risk assessments, plan activities and follow-up. Examples of monitoring work environment are physical safety rounds, employee surveys and performance management dialogues.

We all make up our work environment, everybody at NVS has a responsibility to contribute to good work environment, and to report misconduct. The code of conduct is signed by all employees at the department, promising to treat everyone equally and with respect.

The importance of equal opportunitiy and good work environment for everybody is also emphasized in the KI Strategy 2030.

There are two equal treatment representatives at NVS. The representatives are appointed by the Head of Department to manage and coordinate the work on equal opportunities together with the department management.