MBB booking rules for hotels, flights and taxi

Information about booking rules for employees at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Booking of flights and hotels

All flights and hotels must be booked through the travel portal or American Express. Contact HR to set up a profile before making a booking. If a conference abroad has a specific hotel for participants, and that hotel cannot be booked through American Express, you are allowed to book a hotel yourself and receive compensation. 


Tipping is not allowed within Sweden. 

Travel expense and documentation

Itineraries or confirmations of flight and train times must always be attached to travel expenses. If you have participated in a conference, the conference program must also be attached. 


Flygtaxi Sverige AB is the new supplier on the framework agreement for taxi services. Flygtaxi is booked through a travel agency for taxi rides to or from the airport or train station. Regular point-to-point taxis, from one address to another, are included. The journeys will be priced at fixed rates based on the taximeter prices specified in the tender per county. 

Creating traveller profiles is required. You can email support@flygtaxi.se directly, indicating whether you will book only for yourself or for yourself and others. Also, inform them of the department you belong to. You will then receive a login email from Flygtaxi to build your own profile. 

Air taxi can be booked directly through the travel agency via app, web, or call centre when booking to or from the airport or train station in connection with travel. 

Flygtaxi Telephone: Call Flygtaxi at 08-120 920 00 for the following options:

  • Button selection #1: Emergency change or cancellation of an existing booking or for a car search
  • Button selection #2: Customer service and agent support
  • Button selection #3: Booking of Air Taxi / Train Taxi
  • Button selection #4: Booking of trips to / from Åre 

Mobile app: You can download the Flygtaxi app from the App Store or Google Play. 

Web booking: Use the web booking platform for Flygtaxi. 

Debiting and Charging: Travel expenses for both air taxis and point-to-point taxis are charged via the travel account. This eliminates the need for cash or payment card handling in the car, streamlining administration. 

Taxi Stockholm: If you need to travel urgently and experience issues with Flygtaxi, you may use Taxi Stockholm. However, you must provide a written motivation attached to your travel expense. To use Taxi Stockholm, set up an account with them in advance for your group. Fill out this account application form (you don’t need to fill out the back page) and email it to kund@taxistockholm.se. They will create an account number for you.

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