Travel and expenses at the Department of Global Public Health

Here you can find information on how to proceed with business trips and expenses and contact information for those who work at the Department of Global Public Health.

Travel for work

A business trip is a trip you take for work. It must be planned in consultation between you and your manager. All business trips must be booked with KI's contract travel agency AMEX GBT. If you do not have a travel profile, please contact Ann-Lee Cöster Jansén.

Remember to:

  • Consider the environmental aspects when choosing the transport. For trips under 500 kilometers, use train before flying. When traveling to Gothenburg, you should always take the train. Use public transport firstly. Always book the trip in economy class. See the document "Checklist for climate impact on air travel" 
  • A travel bill must be registered as soon as possible after the trip has ended, no later than three months after the trip has ended.

Travel for external guest lecturers, examiners and opponents to KI

Here you can find guidelines for travels by guest lecturers, examiners and opponents to KI.


In accordance with KI's policy, only original receipts that are no older than 3 months are refunded.

Deadline is on the 5th every month -  complete signed documents must be available to us in time for the current month's pay run.

Contact the Department

Pia Persson

Finance administrator

Vijaylakshmi Prabhu

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