Computing services at MEB

MEB IT provides computing resources on many platforms on which you can run your programs for analysis, such as desktops, laptops, computational servers and VDI. MEB IT is responsible for service, operation and maintenance of the servers.

To access more information and some services please go this internal website:

Technical platforms

MEB IT recommends the following:

  • EPI users: use local computer (Desktops or Laptops).
  • GWAS users: use local servers with parallelized jobs and local computer for non parallelized jobs.
  • Sequencing users: use UPPMAX and PDC through SNIC


MEB has two computing servers to run the programs which hosts variety of applications: Vector and Matrix. Read the guidelines before you use the server to run your analysis. The Usage guideline for computing servers at MEB can be found further down on this page, but you need to be logged in with your KI-login to access it.

The home folders on Matrix and Vector are shared from the same NFS storage location. This means that you can access the files from the Matrix home folder on Vector and vice-versa.

  • Vector: for R and other Applications   
  • Matrix: for SAS and Stata​

Technical support


Software installation policy for calculation servers

If you need a software for your analysis please read the policy guidelines below before you send a request by using this form (not live yet).

  1. Authorization is needed to install applications on the server.
  2. If there are more than 10 users on the server for a particular software, it will be supported by IT and a specialist will be alloted. 
  3. If there are 6-9 users: The software will be installed on the server, but not supported.
  4. Less than 5 users: The users will need to install the software on their home folders on the server.
  5. When a software with less than 10 users is requested, the users will be informed about these limitations. It will be up to them to keep track of the number of users, and request installation on the server and/or support when they reach sufficient numbers.
  6. If a software is found to cause problems for other server users it has to be uninstalled as it might raise security and stability concerns.

Support for analytical tools

E-mail the respective person from the list below if you face a problem with the tool you are using.

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Li Yin

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Robert Karlsson

Miscellaneous tools: bedtools, EIGENSOFT, GCTA, GNU parallel, GTOOL, IMPUTE2, LDSC, MACH, Metal, Minimac3, PLINK, PLINK/SEQ, PLINK 2.0, ProbABEL, Python, Python3, QCTOOL, Samtools/BCFtools/HTSlib,SHAPEIT, SNPTEST, bcftools, vcftools

More information for logged in staff

There is more information for those of you working in the following groups

  • C8.Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics
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