IT support at MEB

The MEB IT department is a separate organisation from the central KI IT department. MEB IT offers local support on all issues concerning computers, software, servers, database administration, phones and IT purchases, and are responsible for day to day operations and maintenance.

MEB IT-support

Opening hours: 8:30-16:00. Closed for lunch 11-12

MEB IT manages and develops the internal IT systems and processes of the department, and the technology needed to handle the data our scientists use and the analyses of that data. We collaborate closely with the IT Development group and with our users, the scientists and the TA personnel.

Other IT support at KI 

MEB IT support does not provide support on your phone services or your KI e-mail.

For questions on Office 365 and two-step verification ((E-mail, OneDrive, Teams, Office 365 applications), please contact the central IT support via the self-service portal. The KI VPN and the MFT services are also offered by KI. 

For login issues on your KI account, please contact your local IDAC administrator (MEB HR and the research administrators).

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