Data management at MEB

This information is for researchers and staff at with direct or indirect contact with research data.

The Data Management Group consists of representatives from the research infrastructure groups with expertise in IT and data management with a special interest to implement common procedures across MEB projects and research groups.

To access more information, documentation and guidelines we refer to our internal website, which is only available if you are inside MEB's firewalls. Follow the link below: 

General aims

  • Identify and solve general problems arising in data management at MEB, e.g. recurrent issues in many projects, such as data storage, data documentation, legal aspects and archiving.
  • Develop and maintain MEB Data Management Guidelines to meet the demands of efficient and secure handling of data according to laws and requirements of MEB as well as to maintain traceability of data and documentation.
  • Train and educate ourselves and all staff in good Data Management prac­tice to ensure that MEB research is in line with Swedish law. A short Data Management course is held at MEB annually.
  • Ensure annual follow-up of Data Management in PhD student projects at MEB.
  • Facilitate exchange of information and ideas between research infrastruc­ture staff, e.g. IT staff, database administrators and biostatisticians.

Group leaders

Anna Johansson (Research), Vivekananda Lanka (IT), Keith Humphreys (Research), and Anna Hemmingsson (IT)


Please e-mail the Data Management group for issues and questions regarding the data management.

Data Management

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