Access to REDCap and project creation/management

Here you will find information on how to get access to REDCap and how to create and manage projects.


Who can access REDCap at KI

REDCap at Karolinska Institutet (KI) can be used by:

  1. KI employees with KI ID
  2. KI-affiliated researchers with KI ID
  3. Researchers at Swedish Universities and organizations that are members of SWAMID (cannot create projects)
  4. Researchers at international Universities and organizations that are members of eduGAIN (cannot create projects)
  5. Researchers with an EduID (cannot create projects)

If you do not have a KI ID please contact your IDAC administrator at your department.

Account suspension & deletion

In case your REDCap account has been inactive for more than 2 years, your account will be suspended. To keep your REDCap user account active, you need to log into your account at least once every two years. If your account gets suspended but you wish to keep it, you will need to contact your REDCap administrator ( who can unsuspend your account.

Otherwise, all suspended accounts will be deleted after another 6 months. After this, you would need to create a new account to continue to access REDCap.

Logging in to REDCap

To log in to REDCap, navigate to

Click on ”Inloggning via din organisation”.

redcap login1

Start typing "Karolinska Institutet" in the text box. For external users, search for the organization to which you belong.

redcap login

Select Karolinska Institutet (or the organization you belong to) as Identity provider and press the Login button.

redcap login

After you’ve entered your login credentials, you will additionally have to complete two-step verification via the authenticator app, at least every 14 days. Please find instructions on how to set up authenticator in the PDF guide at the bottom of this page. 

For instructions on how to log in with EduID, please visit our FAQ page.

Project creation

Once logged in to REDCap you can start creating a new project.

Create new project in REDCap

When pressing “Send Request” an automated email will be sent to the REDCap administrator who needs to approve the request before you can start working with your project.

Your REDCap administrator will also help with:

  • Approval of copying of existing projects
  • Approval of changes in projects that have gone into production
  • Approval of API tokens for projects
  • Activation / configuration of external modules in projects
  • Activation of built-in functions such as "TwilioSMS, Double Data"

To get in contact with your REDCap administrator, please send an email to

Please note that only users with KI ID can create new projects. External users can only gain access to already existing projects if the project owner provides access for that specific user. The project owner deals with the management of the project and new users within the project. User rights can be limited and specific for each user who has access to the project.

Project management

The REDCap project goes through three different stages during its lifetime.

  • Development – This is where you create and test your instruments before collection of data starts. Make sure you test your instruments properly and double check that everything works as intended before moving to the next phase.
  • Production – Once you’re ready to start collecting data, the project can be moved to Production mode. Changes that are made to the instruments/project at this stage need approval from the REDCap administrator.
  • Analysis/Cleanup – When the data collection is finished, the project should be moved to Analysis/Cleanup mode. No new data can be entered at this stage. All data should be downloaded and stored on a suitable KI server.
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