Project management

When you receive your award you need to decide if this will be managed via the KI Grants Management Office or if it will be managed at the department.

Depending on the funding source, the management will differ. Please choose the appropriate contact or link below for more information.

Requirements for financial management and reporting vary and are dictated in the specific agreement for the project in question. Please read the agreement carefully.

Non-financial reporting for US projects

Open Examples of non-financial reports configuration options

All US awards require both financial and non-financial reporting, and sometimes these are even combined in the same document.

If your question is on financial reporting, you can find more information here.

Examples of non-financial reports

Most non-financial reports deal with ethical and other reviews and permits, and some are for the whole of KI while others are project specific. The details will depend on your specific project.

If you have questions or need help with non-financial reporting, and non-financial compliance, please contact


Reporting requirements vary depending on the funding agency, but most projects require annual, or more frequent, reporting. The reports are usually divided into a scientific/technical one and a financial one, either as separate reports or as parts of a joint report. Annual financial conflict of interest (FCOI) and Effort reports are also required, and these are not project specific.

Reports that need to be signed and/or submitted via the KI-authorised signing official must be sent to Grants Office well ahead of the submission deadline.

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