Service ANA Futura

On this page you will find parts of the service that is available in ANA Futura.


On the 7th floor in ANA Futura we have a reception staffed by our service team. The service team has the reception as base when working with administration. The reception therefore has irregular staffing.

Visiting station ”INIS”

As a complement to the reception we have a visiting station called ”INIS” where guests can register themselves and the person they are visiting. INIS is located outside the entrance on the 7th floor, elevator/stairs B.

Note! You need to have a visible phone number in IDAC to be searchable in the system.

  1. The guest registers his/her name and the host on the screen.
  2. The visiting system calls the host (from number 81034).
  3. You as the host can either confirm the guest by pressing ”1” or press ”2” if you would like to speak to the guest (via the speaker of the visiting system). You will receive clear instructions on the phone what you as a host need to do. Note! The instructions from the visiting system is only available in Swedish and cannot be changed.  
  4. The visiting system prints a tag with personal information (name of guest and host).
  5. Put the tag  in a badge holder available at the reception. The badge must be placed visible during the whole stay.
Print of goods receiving office in ANA Futura

Pre-register a group of guests

If you expect a group of guests you can ”pre-register” via the check-in funcion: Login with your KI-ID. Fill in name, date and time for your guests.

When the guest leaves ANA Futura

The host accompanies the guest back to the reception and makes sure the badge is returned at the reception desk.


Pigeon holes are located in every node on floors 6, 7 and 8. Correct postal address can be found on the page “Addresses ANA Futura”.

Goods receiving office

On the 7th floor, we have a a goods receiving office for deliveries to Alfred Nobels Allé 8B.
N.B. It is very important that you provide the correct delivery address when you are having goods delivered. You can find the correct address on the page “Addresses ANA Futura”.