The Database Administration Services

The Database Administration Services is a collaboration group for database management. At MEB we primarily use Microsoft SQL servers which provide efficient handling of research data especially when sharing data with other researchers.

The main focus lies in data management but since there is a standard for interfacing with database servers, our staff have competence in all standard compliant database servers (such as MySQL,  Microsoft SQL Server, etc.).

Among other things we could help with are:

  • Database modelling
  • SQL query writing
  • Designing workflows (data collection -> data cleaning -> analysis), complete with data entry tools suggestion, data storage and archiving
  • Preliminary dataset size estimation for different linkages (which prevents problems when data arrives and there is no server disk space to store datasets)
  • Moving data to the database
  • Connecting analysis tools to database servers
  • Share data between researchers

For performance problems with existing data on our database servers, please e-mail Performance problems include queries not completing within minutes.

Order and access databases at MEB


During study design and workflow preparation and get assigned help from one of the data base administrators at MEB, please contact Head of IT Fredrik Nilsson.

A meeting will then be set up to discuss recommendations for everything from data collection, registry matching, and analysis preparation, and determine if there are resources available to implement the recommended workflow.

We can also assist in other computing issues, including software development.

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