Arranging conferences and host events

Are you planning to organise a congress or a conference, a seminar or a workshop - or any other type of event? Then you can turn to Akademikonferens, KI’s professional congress organiser, which will help you with everything from planning to implementation. Here is information about the support Akademikonferens can provide and tips on how to prepare.

Help with digital, hybrid or in-person conferences

No matter what form of event you and your target group desire, contact Akademikonferens for planning and implementation.

Apply to host a scientific conference

Do you want to apply to host a scientific congress or conference in competition with other researchers and destinations? Akademikonferens offers complementary help with the application process and produces a so-called “BID” tender/application. If you wish to produce the BID yourself but want a letter of invitation/recommendation from the Vice-Chancellor, you must contact Akademikonferens.

Specialists in academic conference support

Akademikonferens has over 30 years of experience and are specialists in academic meetings. As a researcher, you get the support and service you need for a professionally conducted conference. You can also choose to receive support in parts of the planning and implementation process.

Tips and advice

To ensure that you get the best possible support, we have collected tips about what to consider before you contact us.

For the best support and results, we encourage you to contact us early in the process.


Contact us


Visiting address: KI, Biomedicum, Solnavägen 9, 171 65 Solna