Language policy

Combining the role as a global university with the responsibilities of a Swedish public authority in its use of language is a challenge. This document outlines the university management’s policy and goals for language use and applies to all employees of KI.

  • Diary number: 1-815/2022
  • Decision date:
  • Validity period: Until 2029-01-01
  • Decision: President
  • Document type: Policy
  • Handled by department/unit: Kommunikationsavdelningen
  • Preparation with: Professional Service, Medical Students' Association, trade unions; committees, and Faculty Board

Summary of the policy

In addition to clarifying the requirements for KI as an authority in the use of language, KI's language policy rests on four pillars:

  • Increased language awareness - employees are encouraged to be aware of their language choices and their consequences.
  • Parallel use of Swedish and English - the policy promotes the use of both languages side by side.
  • Focus on equality - language should be inclusive and non-discriminatory.
  • Strengthening KI as a global university - the policy balances global ambitions with the national mission.

The uses of English and Swedish at KI often differ. It is important to be sensitive to these differences and to adapt the choice of language to the context. It is the responsibility of both managers and employees to actively contribute to this adaptation and to ensure that the choice of language supports the goals and objectives of the organisation. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and effective working environment at KI.


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