Languages is bilingual - Swedish and English. It is important for editors to make sure that all content appear in the language the user expects or needs.

The fact that is bilingual means that Swedish content must be reflected in English and vice versa. The exception is content that is only aimed at an target group that the sender knows only understands Swedish or English. There must be no Swedish content on an English page and vice versa.

Create content

When you create content you choose language in the language menu on top of the page. You can change this at any time, as long as you also translate the content.

Screenshot showing where an editor change language
You change languages by selecting Swedish or English in the drop-down list at the top of the page.

Change language

An easy way to transfer content to the other language is to clone it. The Clone tool copies a component or page. The function is available in the same spot as the function to erase. Once you change the language in the clone or in other content you wil lnotice that links for Included in, Language version etc do not appear like you expect. Then go to Content or My content and look up the content and this will work. 


Where the URL (web address) differs with the languages you need to be logged in on both in order to edit your pages correctly. These are