Operating info

If you want to notify staff or affiliates at KI about the status of any of our systems, or other things that can affect the work at KI, then you can publish an operating information on the staff portal.

Screen shot from drupal
If you want to reach staff or affiliates at KI around something that can affect their daily work, you can publish drift info on the Staff portal.

All editors in ki.se can create and publish operating information and it is preferable as supplement to or instead of e-mail about service and support.

Operating info works in the same way as news. But instead of Create news article on workbench or Content - add content - news article, you choose Add content → operating info on the domain news.ki.se.

Remember to make the headline clear, but concise. When I see it, I need to understand if the information affects me, but I do not need to know everything.

Write a good title

Examples of a good operational information heading is "PA web not working"

An example of an operating information headline with too much information is "Right now we have major disturbances in the PA web, and on  trying to log in you get an error message, but we are working on trying to solve the problem during the day."

screenshot for operating info on the staff portal
You can publish your operating info on the Staff portal start page. It will stay there for as long as you wish, so remember to unpublish once it's no longer needed.

How do I get my info to appear on the start page of the Staff portal?

Check the box "Promoted to Staff portal frontpage" and the news will end up on the start page. If you don't, the news can still be displayed in lists elsewhere on the staff portal, depending on which tags have been used (see more on the page on news list).

How do I reach students?

Add the tag "Student (en)" (Student on a swedish operating info) below the heading Administrative and your operating info will appear on the page "Current student".

Keep the operation info box relevant, remove outdated information

When the news is no longer up to date, the box must be unchecked so that it disappears from the start page. This does not happen automatically, you decide how long an operating information is so urgent that it must be visible on the start page. In order for operating information to be perceived as relevant and for you to be able to reach out with your message, it is important that you also delete information when it is no longer needed.

Current operating info