Show clips in Drupal

To show film in Drupal the clips must be uploaded to another service and then be embedded to your page at Here you can see different ways of doing this and different results.

Embedded video

Adding the Embedded Video block, you can choose to insert a clip you have already used (it is still on another service, such as YouTube) or add a new clip and fill in information about it. If you want to show a video that supports the oEmbed format, from eg Youtube, use Promo regular. To upload the video, tap Media, then select Add video (or search for existing one). The text you enter in Body is displayed along with the video.

Example of clip in Embedded video:

In the Embed block, you can embed content from services like as Google Maps, Iframes, Twitter and Instagram. It is also possible to embed video here. However, the Embedded video block is specifically designed for video services that support the oEmbed technology, as it provides better video formatting. KI Play does not support this technology and can therefore not be viewed through Embedded video.


Most streaming services provide embed links. Embedding simply means that you find that link (for example the sharing code from KI Play), paste it into the block and write a suitable heading.

Example of embedded film in the Embed block

Promo regular 

Here is a clip embedded via Promo regular.

Example of clip in promo

Informationsfilm om öppen tillgång

En forskare berättar om Open Access - öppen tillgång till forskningsdata. 

När du klickar på filmen öppnas ett visningsfönster. 

A filmed guide

Below you see two clips that show step by step how to do it. (In Swedish for now, but the procedure is the same). The clips are uploaded to KI Play and embedded here via Promo embed. The first clip shows how the three clips above are embedded. The second clip shows you how to upload the clip to KI Play and adjust the embed code to get the right size of the preview window. The clips have no sound or voice. If they run too fast, you can easily change the play speed. 

How to create the embeds you see above

How to upload a clip to KI Play and embed via Promo embed

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