The reminder function in Drupal reminds editors and content owners to update pages, landing pages and documents. The reminder is an email to editors and content owners about content that have not been updated in one year (365 days).

Reminder via email

As an editor or content owner, you will receive an email if a page or document has not been updated in one year (365 days). It looks like this:


This message is sent to you because you are an editor or content owner of pages on KI's website.

It has been more than 365 days since the page XXX has been updated. You need to update the page or it will be unpublished (not deleted) on [date].

Proceed as follows:
Make sure your page is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. If this is the case, all you need to do is save the page and it will not be unpublished. If you are a content owner but do not have editorial rights, you can notify your editor once you have verified that the content is accurate.

Kind regards,
KI Webbförvaltning

Out of date pages and documents are unpublished

If the page or document is not updated after the reminder, it will be republished after another six months. Saving the page / document is enough for it to receive a new date. No more emails will be sent after the first reminder. One year after a page has been unpublished (ie 2.5 years after original publishing), the web administration reserves the right to delete the content.

Finding reminders

You can see to which pages and documents reminders have been sent under Content: Content reminders and Document reminders respectively. You also see when an email was sent and to whom.

You can also see your reminders on Workbench under the heading "Pages/Documents soon to be unpublished".

Content reviewer:
Jenny Thorell