Arrange a webinar

A webinar is an online seminar or lecture. There are different tools you can choose from, depending on the features you need to have access to.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online seminar, talk or panel discussion with a large audience. The audience usually doesn’t have to interact with one another.

Webinar tools

You can choose from different tools, depending on which features you need to have access to. In many cases, such as public defences, a regular Zoom meeting is sufficient.

Teams live events and webinars

You can set up a webinar with Microsoft Teams. These features are called "Live event" and "Webinar". These features are included with Microsoft Teams, which you can access through your Microsoft 365 account if employed with KI.

See Microsoft's own guides as to which kind of meeting is best suited for your needs:

Get started with Teams webinars

Get started with Teams live event


For meetings with up to 500 attendees, a Zoom meeting or webinar might fit your need. For a public defence, you can change the settings to reduce the risk of distractions.

If neither Teams Live Event/webinar nor a Zoom meet your needs, you can purchase an extended license for Zoom Webinars which allows up to 1000 participants. The licence is tied to one user and is valid for one year. You can buy the licence in the Wisum portal

Difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar

Tips for safer dissertations in Zoom

  • Mute all participants upon entry by default.
  • Activate the waiting room to be able to approve who can join the meeting.
  • Make yourself the only one to be able to share the screen.
  • Lock the meeting when it has started and no further participants should be able to join. You will find this setting once the meeting has started.
  • Have a co-host who can manage the administration in Zoom during your meeting. The co-host can for example accept people from the waiting room, remove participants or un-mute participants.
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