As a KI employee, you can use Zoom for teaching, meetings and webinars for up to 500 participants, with the possibility of add-on licences for even more participants if needed.

Zoom can be used for tutoring between teachers and students or for meetings between students. You can also record a Zoom meeting and share the link with those who want to access the meeting afterwards but cannot attend in real-time. 

Log in to Zoom

Log in to Zoom here

Keep Zoom updated

Make sure to always have the latest version of the Zoom client on your computer. If you are working on a Karyon-client (KI computer), you will find the latest version in Software Center or Self Service (Mac).

Keep in mind that the current version will be listed at "Applications and not "Updates", even if you would already have Zoom installed on your computer.

You can visit Zooms support pages to learn more about upcoming releases and new tools. On Zoom learning center you can find shorter courses about new tools. 

Introduction and short courses

Zoom is integrated with the learning platform Canvas. In order to use Zoom from within the learning platform you must first activate your Zoom-account (in Swedish).

Zooms learning resources

In Zoom Learning Center you will find online courses for different tools and possibilities within the software.  

Zoom webinar

When you want to arrange a webinar you can use a usual Zoom meeting or a Zoom webinar.

All KI employees can organise Zoom webinars with up to 500 participants. If you need more participants, licences for this can be ordered in Wisum

Use Zoom in Outlook

Schedule a Zoom meeting within Outlook

Zoom and Personal Data

Security and privacy in Zoom

More about personal data in Zoom on NORDUNet:

FAQ Zoom and personal data

Tips for safer dissertations in Zoom

  • Mute all participants upon entry by default.
  • Activate the waiting room to be able to approve who can join the meeting.
  • Make yourself the only one to be able to share the screen.
  • Lock the meeting when it has started and no further participants should be able to join. You will find this setting once the meeting has started.
  • Have a co-host who can manage the administration in Zoom during your meeting. The co-host can for example accept people from the waiting room, remove participants or un-mute participants.

Tips on equipment

Good technical equipment will make it easier to work and teach remotely. Here you will find a few examples of affordable headsets and web cameras from Teaching and Learning.

Support and in-depth guides

You can find support, guides and training content directly at the official Zoom website.