Framework Agreement Call-off Checklist

This checklist is used when it is established that a framework agreement is applicable.

1. Framework Agreement 

A framework agreement is a contract that allows ongoing purchases of goods or services during a specified contractual period as needed. Such purchases from framework agreements are called call-offs. The details of different call-offs are explained further below.

The framework agreement may be procured by KI and is found in the contract catalog, or it may be a state framework agreement procured by the State Procurement Center. If an applicable framework agreement exists, it must be used because KI is contractually bound by the agreement. KI's procured framework agreements take precedence over state framework agreements.

For purchases over SEK 100,000 where no framework agreement exists, a request for procurement support should be sent to

2. Preparations 

A check to determine the existence of a framework agreement should always be conducted before making a purchase or procurement.

  • Verify that the product/service you intend to call off is covered by the agreement. The fact that the supplier has a framework agreement does not mean we can order everything the supplier sells. Only products/services covered by the agreement can be procured from the supplier. Also, check that the framework agreement's validity period has not expired. For agreements entered into E-commerce, the system verifies this.
  • Check the conditions specified in the framework agreement for calling off the product/service - price, delivery terms, delivery time, etc. (there may be differences in conditions between different framework agreements).

3. Call-off on Framework Agreement 

3.1 Alternative Call-off Procedures

For framework agreements with more than one supplier, various methods can be used for call-offs. The call-off procedure is one of the alternatives:

  • Ranking,
  • Renewed competitive tendering, or
  • Specific allocation key.

The applicable call-off procedure is specified in each framework agreement. See below for an explanation of the different call-off alternatives.

3.1.1 Framework Agreement with Only One Supplier 

A call-off on a framework agreement with only one supplier is made in accordance with the prices and conditions specified in the agreement.

3.1.2 Call-off According to Ranking 

Ranking means that all conditions in the framework agreement, including price, are specified in the agreement, and an order is placed with the supplier ranked first. If, for any reason, this supplier cannot deliver the requested product or service, the inquiry moves on to the supplier ranked second, and so on.

4. Call-off with Renewed Competitive Tendering 

Renewed competitive tendering means that a call-off inquiry is sent to all framework agreement suppliers, and the best call-off response is selected based on the framework agreement's specified conditions. Note that the procedure for renewed competitive tendering must be completed before placing an order. Renewed competitive tendering is normally carried out only for purchases over SEK 100,000 and must therefore be conducted by the Procurement and Sourcing Unit. In such cases, fill out a request for procurement support and send it to

Call-off with Specific Allocation Key 

A specific allocation key means that, based on one or more criteria specified in the framework agreement, you choose the supplier that best meets your needs at the time of the call-off, such as the lowest price for a product. The allocation key is regulated and described in the framework agreement.

Contract Catalog 

KI's procured framework agreements are found in the contract catalog. Framework agreements procured by the State Procurement Center can be found at

Products from our "major" framework agreements (Laboratory Reagents & Chemicals, Laboratory Research Instruments & Devices, and Laboratory Consumables) are also available in E-commerce. These major framework agreements may also appear as punch-outs if the supplier has that capability. Reference to punch-outs is provided in E-commerce in such cases.

Contact Information 

For questions regarding agreements, procurement, etc., regarding purchases at KI, please contact the Procurement Unit at

For questions regarding e-commerce and orders in the financial system, you can contact

Here you will find the Contract Catalog.

Products from our "major" framework agreements (Laboratory Reagents & Chemicals, Laboratory Research Instruments & Devices, and Laboratory Consumables) are available in both E-commerce and the contract catalog.

Josef Dadoun