KI's Laboratory safety introduction

Note! For employees and students, who are active in KI's laboratory activities or other activities with corresponding risks, is the course KI's Laboratory safety introduction – Laboratory Staff mandatory.

Students who only participate in teacher-led laboratory activities are not affected. You can find President’s decision (Rektorsbeslut) under Document. 

As a new employee, affiliate, or student at one of KI´s departments, but also as existing staff, you are offered a basic laboratory safety introduction. In order to be able to work in a safe and secure manner in the laboratory environment, it is important that all staff knows and follows the safety routines within KI.

There are two laboratory safety introductions available: one test with general questions about safety/work environment that is relevant to everyone who will work at a department at KI (KI's Laboratory safety test - Administrative Staff), and one course for those who are laboratory personnel also (KI's Laboratory safety introduction – Laboratory Staff).

KI's Laboratory safety test - Administrative Staff

This test contains 1 module.

Module 1: Work environment

The test takes about 20 minutes.

KI's Laboratory safety introduction – Laboratory Staff

The content of this course is divided into 13 modules that contains different amounts of information and each module is finished by a short quiz.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Legal and regulatory requirements

Module 3: Risk assessment

Module 4: Safety measures

Module 5: Biosafety

Module 6: Chemical safety

Module 7: Animal experimentation

Module 8: Laboratory waste

Module 9: Transport of biological specimens and chemical products

Module 10: Signs and labelling

Module 11: In case of an emergency

Module 12: Products with specific hazards or requirements

Module 13: Conclusions

Depending on your prior knowledge the course will take up to a day to complete.

About the introductions

The course/test is created in Canvas, KI’s learning platform. For registration to the course/test, we use Canvas catalog. This makes it easy for everyone, even for external staff, to self-register for the courses. More information about Canvas catalog under Links. 

Your certificate

If you have completed the course/test successfully and all questions are answered correctly, you will receive a certificate. The certificate can be accessed from the student dashboard in the Canvas Catalog.

You find more information in the course/test under module Congratulations or under page See your instructions for certificate under Links.

Please forward the certificate to your department.

Start the introduction

Click on the link to the introduction you want to attend. You will come to a page where you can enroll in the course/test. Click on Enroll.

KI's Laboratory safety test - Administrative Staff

KI's Laboratory safety introduction - Laboratory Staff

For KI-Staff:
Since you already have a KI-account you will be taken to the login page for Canvas at KI and you will sign in with that account.

For external staff:
For external accounts ie if you do not have a Canvas account you will be taken to a page where you can create an account, in Canvas, using your email. Please check that you fill in the details correctly. Failure to do so will prevent the certificate of completion being issued to your account.

Guidance for registration see under documents.

Good luck!

For those who wants to learn more, several other courses on work environment and laboratory safety are provided by KI: Courses by the Safety- and Security unit.

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