1. Preparations prior to recruitment

Thorough preparatory work makes the whole recruitment process easier and reduces the risk of errors in recruitment.

Make an analysis of staff needs

Start the recruitment process by making a needs-assessment of current staff needs and future challenges. The analysis may also involve a review of the current division of labour and redistributing work.

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Template for needs analysis

Design a requirements profile

The requirements profile describes what is demanded from the applicant in order to manage the work, e.g.:

  • Education and other formal qualifications
  • Work experience or other experience
  • Specific knowledge that is required or desirable
  • Personal qualities
  • Other requirements

It is important that you think through what are necessary must-have requirements and what are merits, as in should-have requirements. The requirements profile is central to the whole recruitment process. It is the formulation in the profile that motivates the selection of the candidate.

To consider when writing the requirements profile

In order to avoid discrimination, it is important to check that the requirements are justified. For example, is it necessary to require fluent Swedish in speech and writing? Is the profile formulated on the basis of preconceived ideas about gender, which risks excluding women or men? Here are some other things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Must-have requirements must be measurable. It must be possible to value the level of knowledge and skills.
  • Avoid unnecessary and unjustified conditions or requirements which exclude some individuals.
  • The requirements profile must be objective and based on formal requirements.
  • Don’t look for a copy of the person that has left. Avoid copying merits and qualities from the person who had the job previously.
  • Specify what knowledge the work requires. It is more relevant and less excluding than to assume that knowledge only comes through education.
  • It is important to decide how the application documents will be sorted and that continued selection work actually measures what is put in the requirements profile.

Professional title and the BESTA code

The professional title of the post is important for a number of reasons, including salary statistics. Use the same title as for other employees with the same tasks. It is also good to define which BESTA code (Swedish) is linked with the job at an early stage.


The department is responsible for cooperation taking place according to the agreed procedure at the department in compliance with the local cooperation agreement.

The advertisement - announcing a vacancy

It must be based on the requirements profile and it is important that the information is clear, relevant and gives a positive impression.

Reaching and attracting the right employee is a basic condition for the success of the recruitment process. The design of the advertisement and the choice of advertising channels are a large part of this. Advertisement templates for each post are in Varbi.

The recruitment process

1. Preparations prior to recruitment
2. Publication and advertising
3. Selection and interview
4. Decision and reception

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