2. Publishing and advertising

Obligation to provide information

As a state authority, KI is obliged to provide relevant information on vacancies in an appropriate manner so that applicants can notify their interest to the authority. All of our advertisements will be published on the authority's notice board.

KI information channels

The authority’s notice board

There is an electronic notice board at the reception in Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6.


Jobs at Karolinska Institutet

When you advertise on our website, your ads may also appear on LinkedIn and Indeed as both companies "suck up" KI:s ads automatically. They do this to create flow to their platforms, which does not benefit us. The visibility in those cases is not good, so to get good distribution and visibility of the ad, you need to pay for it. Advertising is done via Varbi, where there are different options to choose from.

Additional advertising channels

To gain wider publicity for your advertisement you can select additional advertising channels.

External channels

The recruitment manager or the recruitment supervisor chooses which external channels will be used. There are direct links in Varbi to the advertising channels that KI has chosen to use. You can get advice and information on prices for other advertising from Nowa, a communication agency that KI has agreements with. Send an e-mail to avropa@nowakommunikation.se or use their booking form (Swedish). For help with graphics in advertisements, contact Communications and Pubilc Relations Office.

The obligation to notify also applies to postgraduate students

As a general rule, all postgraduate places must be appointed through competition. In other words, they are included in the obligation of public authorities to provide information, but there are some exceptions.


We always accept applications in Swedish and English, but for certain recruitments, we recommend all candidates to submit their application in English.

Application period must not be less than ten days.

Language in advertisements

The ads that KI publishes should always be in Swedish, if necessary an advertisement can also be published in English. If the publication is in English, the corresponding advertisement must also be published in Swedish.

Selection issues

It is possible to use selection questions in Varbi, which makes the process of selection easier. They are written as free text or alternative questions when designing the advertisement in the recruitment system. If you use selection questions you are also able to anonymise all applicants.

Diplomas and certificates

Always request and archive diplomas for the highest completed programme for the candidate you employ, such as bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Using Varbi, you can request all the candidates to enclose documents when submitting their applications. Add standardised selection question four, File Upload.
  2. Request copies of diplomas or certificates during the interview or at a later date.

Ensure that the diplomas or certificates are uploaded in Varbi for the final candidate who is offered the post.


Advertisements and applications received must be registered. This is done automatically in the registration system W3D3 by Varbi when you issue a register number.

When an applicant submits an application for employment to a state authority, it is a public document. Questions about the disclosure of documents must be referred to the registrar at the recruitment department.

The recruitment process

1. Preparations prior to recruitment
2. Publishing and advertising
3. Selection and interview
4. Decision and reception

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