Needs Analysis

Prior to recruitment, it is vital to carry out an analysis of current needs and those that may occur in future operations.

Needs Analysis

The Needs Analysis forms the basis of the consequent work of establishing a job specification etc. The Needs Analysis must include a goal and a division of responsibilities description based on:

  • Operational objectives (department/unit/section/division)
    Define the actual content of this job, the relevant operational objectives and what is to be achieved.
  • The objectives and responsibilities of the employee
    Define the objectives that the person who is recruited will work to achieve and what he/she is expected to contribute to overall objectives. Define the employee’s responsibilities.
  • The employee’s working tasks
    Describe the working tasks to be carried out in order to achieve these objectives.
  • Relative importance
    The relative importance of the various objectives and working tasks are described.

The needs analysis is carried out by the relevant manager and the recruitment officer who are hiring at the department in consultation with departmental management.

Questions to answer in the Needs Analysis

Do we need to recruit?

  • Which areas are strategically important now and in the long run, and is the right competence available?
  • What are the operational goals?
  • How will demands from the outside world change operations, work tasks, and skills? What do development needs look like? Describe competence - what skills are lacking?
  • What does management planning look like?
  • Imminent retirement?
  • Will the amount of work and work tasks increase or decrease? In which areas?
  • Which work tasks and responsibilities are included in the work?
  • What goals should the employee in question work towards?
  • What will the job include in several years’ time?
  • Can needs be fulfilled with staff resources already available within the organisation?
  • Can work tasks be redistributed, operations reorganised, recruitment carried out internally, skills of existing staff developed?
  • Identify potential internal candidates.
  • What are the key work tasks? Are we doing the right things? What should we focus on?
  • The tasks and skills of the work group in question. The group’s strengths and weaknesses. Development plans for each individual.
  • What is the gender structure of the work group? What can be done to balance the gender structure? Are there any applicants of the underrepresented gender who could be considered?
  • Are any particular language skills necessary for these work tasks?
  • Is experience in international environments necessary for these work tasks?
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