Training and account in Drupal

To get editorial access to you need to learn the content management system Drupal.

An editor at should have:

  • assignment from the head and / or editor-in-chief of the department
  • good computer skills and interest in web publishing
  • time allocated for education
  • time allocated for work with web publishing

The Drupal training is in the form of a web course. A teacher-led course in web communication is currently available in Swedish only. It doesn't matter in what order you do the courses.


The course is in Canvas, which you log in to here. The link to the actual course (Editing is here.
It goes through what you need to know in Drupal 8 and ends with a certification exercise that you send to the Web team from the training. When it's completed and ok, you get rights to edit the pages in you are assigned to work on. 

If you do not have an account in Canvas, please email according to this template:
Hi, I need access to Canvas to go Editor's course (course 1912)
My KI ID is xxxxxx
Name Name 

If you have an account in Canvas but do not find the course, email something like this: 
Hi, I have been commissioned to edit the pages xxx and xxx and need to attend the course in Drupal.
My KI ID is xxxxxx
Name Name 

Account and log in at

Anyone with a KI ID can log in to Drupal. This act creates an account from which you can edit your own profile page only. The web team can then give additional rights to this account if you were an editor of Drupal 7 or have completed the training in Drupal 8 and will edit content on

Log in by clicking on the links below. The first time you click on ALL links

Once your account is provided with editorial rights, you can click on any of the links above to access everything you can edit at You switch between the domains and the different tools for creating lists by going to "Workbench".

Development of

The web site of Karolinska Institutet has been upgraded and developed. This has generally gone smoothly, but we still struggle with some bugs and problems.

If you want to know more about the timetable and if the development of go to the page about the further development project.

If you have any questions, please contact the Web team via Viktoria Olausson: