Holiday rules are governed by the Annual Leave Act and Villkorsavtalet. Karolinska Institutet also has local agreements on Holiday.


Apply to take out vacation days at the PA web


  • Everyone has a right to four weeks of consecutive vacation during the summer months.
  • A minimum of 20 days of vacation must be taken out during the calendar year.
  • You can save a maximum of 30 vacation days.

Number of vacation days

The number of vacation days is determined by your age:

  • Until and including the year you turn 29 years 28 days
  • From the year you turn 30 years 31 days
  • From the year you turn 40 years 35 days

Vacation days by quota

If you work an average of less than five days a week, more than one vacation day is used for each vacation day you take out. The vacation quota is calculated by dividing the number of full-time work days in the limitation period with the number of days you work during the same period.

Vacation supplement

There is a vacation supplement of 0.44 % for every vacation day you take out. For SACO-S members the vacation supplement is 0.49 %. The vacation supplement is paid when vacation days are taken out.

Standard vacation

Doctoral students and staff that is part of a research group with mainly research and/or education-related tasks have a standard vacation, which means that it is assumed that all vacation days are taken out during the year. The vacation supplement is normally paid out twice a year: once in the summer and once in the winter. Employees with a standard vacation should not use the PA web to apply to take out vacation days.

If an employee with a standard vacation wants to save vacation days this needs to be planned together with their immediate superior. The department needs to be notified of how many days to save no later than the 31st of March, otherwise it is assumed that the vacation days has been taken out.


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