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Parental leave

Parental leave is regulated through general agreements and Swedish law. Karolinska Institutet also has a local agreement on parental benefits.


You have a right to stay at home to care for your child until he or she is 18 months old.

You must apply for parental leave at least two months in advance.

The leave may be divided up into a maximum of three periods/calendar years.

A minimum of 20 holidays/year must be taken.

Parental leave pay

  • Max. 360 days
  • Until the child is 36 months old
  • Parental leave pay are based on current calender day

Reduction of work time

You have a right to be free from work up to 25% until the end of the school year in which the child reaches the age of 12.

Taking care of a sick child

  • Report care of sick child to your workplace on the same day
  • This applies to sick children up to the age of 12
  • If your child is between 12 and 16 then the illness must be certified by a doctor
  • A doctor must certify when a child is sick for more than 7 calendar days

Temporary parental benefits in conjunction with childbirth

  • The child’s father or other parent is separately eligible for a ten-day leave
  • Ten working days
  • This leave must be taken out within 60 days after the child is brought home


Make your application of parental leave via the PA web.