Wellness allowance - procedures for reimbursement

The aim of the wellness allowance is to stimulate and inspire physical activity of a regular and recurring nature. The maximum amount of the grant is SEK 3 000 per employee per calendar year. The grant is proportionate to the working hours of the employees. Only employees are eligible for the fitness allowance.

The maximum amount of the wellness allowance is increased from 1 January 2024 to 3000 SEK per employee and calender year

Cut-off date

Employees at KI are entitled to a wellness allowance of SEK 3000 per calendar year. This allowance can be used during the calendar year. The last time you can make use of the wellness allowance in the current year is until December's payroll run.  In order for the auditors to handle the expenditure case, the case must be registered in the PA-web by 30 November.

This is to ensure that the expense is posted to the correct accounting year. Also, you cannot apply for a wellness allowance for the same receipt twice, even if the receipt is for more than SEK 3000.

Receipts received between the payroll day in December and the end of the year (approximately 14 days) cannot be used for the 2023 wellness allowance. In this case, the employee will lose the wellness allowance for 2023. However, according to the Swedish Tax Agency, the receipt can be used for the 2024 wellness allowance. This is despite the fact that the annual pass was purchased in December 2023.

How can I use my wellness allowance?

The most common way is to use the whole of the wellness allowance at the same time with one wellness provider, but it is possible to use the wellness allowance with several wellness providers, e.g. 2 000 SEK at a gym and 1 000 SEK at a riding club during the same calendar year.

How do I register the expense in the PA-web?

  • Photo/scan your receipt
  • Save as jpeg or pdf
  • Go to the PA website
  • Select My page and then Travel/Expenses
  • Register your expenditure as "Wellness allowance". 
  • Upload your receipt in the message box
  • Send the file. The file will be sent to your manager for approval.

Register before 30/11.

What information must be included on a receipt?

  • When the receipt is compiled
  • When the transaction took place
  • What it relates to
  • The amount
  • Which counterparty (the employee)
  • Verification number or other identification referring to the recorded transaction   
  • VAT to be paid

If you bought one-way tickets, collect them in one receipt. If you paid by direct debit, take a copy of the bank statement and a receipt from the health care company. Attach the documents in the wellness allowance case in the PA-web.

The original paper receipt should not be sent.

Payroll Unit

The Payroll Unit answers questions about registration and payment.


Which amount do I get if I start on July 1st and is employed 50% of full-time?

You work 50% and will then get 3000 kr/2 * 0,5 = 750 SEK.

Which amount do I get if I am employed 80% of full-time for 6 months? 

You will get 80 % of half of the amount, i e 3000/2 x 0,8 = 1200 SEK.

Can I get a wellness allowance if I show foreign receipts?

No, the wellness allowance is tax-free for activites provided within Sweden.

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