What can you do to promote a sustainable campus?

KI:s sustainability efforts include environmental and social responsibility in the way KI as an organisation is operated.

According to KI:s environmental and sustainability guidelines:

  • Through research and education contribute with knowledge on health and sustainable development
  • Use energy efficiently and in the future become climate-neutral
  • Reduce the climate impact of our business trips
  • Set environmental and ethical requirements for our procurements and purchasing
  • Minimize the health and environmental risks in the laboratory activities
  • Sort waste at source and reduce the amount of waste

Sustainable campus

An important part of KIs sustainability work is to be environmentally and socially responsible in the manner in which KI operates. Prioritized areas are the university's energy use, business travel, procurement and purchasing, laboratory safety and waste management.

Energy use

In 2010 KI shifted to using energy from renewable resources which resulted in roughly a 30% cut in the energy carbon footprint.

KIs energy use and carbon footprint is however significant due to its extensive experimental research. KI has set a target to reduce the energy consumption per square meter by 25 percent by 2025 compared to 2010.

A lot of the necessary energy saving measures must be carried out in cooperation with KIs property owners. KI is however solely responsible for the use of energy that is related to its own activities. Everyone can contribute to using less energy by an energy-conscious behavior and by choosing energy-saving equipment when procuring and purchasing.

Business travel

KI:s travelling is the university's largest carbon footprint, mainly due to the many distant flights undertaken since KI is an international university.

KI:s travel regulations steers towards more environmentally friendly means of transport and to meetings that do not require any travelling. According to KIs travel regulations, we who work at KI shall:

  • Always consider using the phone, video or webb conferencing instead of travelling
  • Use the train instead of flying when travelling to Göteborg and other nearby domestic destinations
  • Choose eco-taxi
  • Rent eco-cars
  • Take the KI bus between Campus Huddinge and Campus Solna
  • Use public transport
  • Choose hotels that are eco-labelled, environmentally certified or that can prove in any other way that they conduct active environmental work
  • Procuring and purchasing

KI can contribute to improving the environment as well as the living and working conditions of people by placing environmental and social requirements for the procurement and purchasing.

KIs guidance for procurement and purchasing describes how environmental and ethical requirements should be made in connection with procurement or purchasing (see Management system).

Procurement and purchasing

KI must consider the sustainability perspective in all procurement. By setting environmental and social requirements for procurement and purchasing, KI can contribute to improving both the external environment and people's living and working conditions.

The Purchasing and Procurement page describes how requirements are to be set in connection with procurement and purchasing at KI. When purchasing, choose when possible, products that are eco-energy and / or fair trade (eg the Swan, Good Environmental Choice, KRAV, the EU flower, Energy Star and TCO) from the procured range.

Laboratory safety

KIs research laboratories handles a large number of chemicals and biological agents. KIs laboratory safety work aims to minimize the risk of exposing people or nature to hazardous substances.

Read more on page Laboratory safety.


KIs system for handling waste allows for source separation of many materials. The university administration is responsible for providing sorting furniture in common areas while KIs departments are responsible for their premises.

Read more about KI:s waste management work.


Stina Jaensson

UF Central Administration

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