What happens to my account when I stop working at KI?

When you leave KI, your account will be deactivated. How long you have access to your account and how long the data in it will be saved depends. Don't forget to save your files and email outside of KI's servers before you leave. Email and documents will be erased from your KI account.

New rules from 2020

  • Employees' and affiliates' accounts that are reactivated within 30 days (before: 100 days) after the last day will keep the contents in the Office 365 account, such as emails and documents in OneDrive. After 30 days, the Office 365 accout will be emptied. An automatic reply can be sent for 30 days. Employees/affiliates' accounts that are reactivated after 30 days will be empty.
  • Postgraduate students can access their account 90 days after leaving KI (before: 45 days).

This change is due to GDPR and new Microsoft regulations for Office 365 licenses. Data is not to be stored longer than necessary.

These rules apply: 

Grace Limbo E-mail quarantine UID quarantine
Employees None 30 days 10 years Forever
Postgraduate students 90 days 30 days 10 years Forever
Affiliates None 30 days 10 years Forever
First and second-cycle students 365 days 30 days 10 years Forever
Administrative accounts None 30 days 10 years Forever


The person has access to their e-mail account. You will not be visible on ki.se and are not included in the IT-fee. If you don't have a Grace period, you will be excluded from your account the day after you stop working for Karolinska Institutet.


The account is deactivated, information from the person's object is deleted. E-mail addresses, KIID (UID) and ID keys are saved for 10 years. The contents of the e-mail account is stored for 30 days before being deleted. If the person returns to KI within 10 years, their original KIID and e-mail address will be used.

E-mail quarantine

A list with all KIID (UID) used at KI to avoid re-using them. No personal information is stored here.

UID quarantine

After 10 years, the KI person will be deleted and all information besides the KI ID (UID) will be quarantined. The email address might be re-used.