Choosing a responsible research principal for the ethical application

The ethical application is submitted by one “responsible” research principal. If more than one research principals are part if the project, one “responsible” research principal should be appointed by the participating research principals. The “responsible” research principal submits the ethical application and is responsible for keeping the other participating research principals informed and updated in relation to the application and following decision.

KI, together with Region Stockholm, has drafted a joint document called “Guidance – appointing a responsible research principal for the ethical application for research where Karolinska institutet collaborates with health care providers in Region Stockholm”. The joint Research Council approved the document in April 2022 and the document can be found in its entirety further down the page.

The aim of the document is to provide guidance and basis for discussion when appointing the “responsible” research principal.

“Responsible” research principal means the organisation that will submit the application, coordinate and ensure that all participating research principals are part of the ethical application and are kept updated on the status of the ethical application, decision as well as any amendments.

If you want help when choosing the “responsible” research principal and/or have other questions in connection to the ethical application, please contact us at