Insurance for research subjects

In studies with research subjects, it is important to make sure that there is right protection for the study participants, and at KI this is ensured with the help of a few different insurances. Depending on the type of study, one or more of insurances might be needed. The insurances cover research that takes place in Sweden. All insurance is paid for with central funds.

Personal injury protection

Voluntary subjects who participate in a study at KI are covered by a personal injury protection that covers direct travel between the home and KI, as well as the stay in KI's area.

If damage occurs, the department should send a report to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. More information: Compensation and trips regarding research subjects (in Swedish)

Patient injury insurance

If KI staff with valid medical or nursing ID perform e.g. biopsy or blood test on a subject, the subject is covered by the National Board of Health and Welfare's patient insurance for government authorities.

The National Board of Health and Welfare takes out this insurance on behalf of all state authorities.

For any questions, please contact Patrik Rosén

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Pharmaceutical insurance

For drug trials, KI has access to the Pharmaceutical Insurance via the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare. Studies with a need for pharmaceutical insurance must be reported to  before the start of the study and then the number of study participants needs to be updated at least once a year during the study. If the insurance needs to be used, the damage must be reported to the Pharmaceutical Insurance.

For questions, please contact Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl