Communication in ANA Futura

We are four communication officers in ANA Futura. We can help you publish on the information screens, adding calendar events or assist with information you need to send out to the ANA Futura staff.

Information screens

lnformation screens are located in several places in and around the ANA Futura facility, where you will find useful and interesting information about KI and ANA Futura. Do you have something you wish to publish on the screens? Fill in the form below and it will be sent to our communications officers.

Announce on Information screen

ANA Futura information meetings

The presentations from the ANA Futura information meetings can be found on the ANA Futura startpage.

Communications officers

Christina Sundqvist (Sandström)

Communications officer
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Anna Manfredsson

Communications officer
Department of Dental Medicine

Amalia Kewenter

Communications officer
H7 Department of Medicine, Huddinge

Åsa Catapano

H9 Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology

Advertisements on the information screens