About ANA Futura

ANA Futura* is creating a leading translational integrated research environment equipped for cutting-edge research, where the boundaries between institutions and clinics are torn down and researchers collaborate on the basis of common research profiles.

*) Alfred Nobels Allé Futura

Management and organisation

Steering Committee

Steering Committee ANA Futura is represented by the heads of departments, heads of administration and finance managers affiliated with the departments moving into the new premises. The group has one Chair per year, rotated between the departments. See the members of the steering Committee by clicking here.

Drafting Committee ANA Futura

The Drafting Committee has representatives from all the departments based in the premises of ANA Futura. The Drafting Committee's task is to handle both scientific and administrative questions. See members of the Drafting Committee by clicking here.

Working environment group ANA Futura

The tasks of the Working Environment Committee Futura is to work with the environment regarding laboratory safety, chemical safety, radiation safety, freeze hotel, SOPs etc. See members of the working environment group by clicking here.

Finance group

Finance group ANA Futura is represented by the economists and heads of administration affiliated with the departments moving into the new premises. See members of the finance group by clicking here.

Service team ANA Futura

The tasks of the Service team ANA Futura is to handle the common spaces, services and technical services for ANA Futura. See members of the service team ANA Futura group by clicking here.

Research groups in ANA Futura

We have research groups from 5 different departments in ANA Futura.


Flemingsberg Science maintains collaboration for research and innovation in Flemingsberg. Here we find internationally renowned research institutions, among them Karolinska University Hospital, KTH and Karolinska Institutet. Together, leading life science companies and some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs generate a thriving breeding ground for new companies, strong collaborations and a developing environment.


Departments in ANA Futura


  • Inaugurated - May 2019
  • 10,200 m²
  • 7 floors
  • 350 employees


  • We are a leading translational research laboratory
  • We are strategically placed at Campus Syd
  • We have an attractive and recruitment-oriented environment for research in close collaboration with clinical activities
  • We have a research environment which has no boundaries between departments and clinics, where researchers collaborate on the basis of common research profiles
  • Our laboratory environment is equipped for cutting-edge research
  • There is a clear integration of research and education
  • We have flexible and space efficient laboratories to meet the demands of the future
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