Drafting Committee ANA Futura

The Drafting Committee has representatives from all the departments based in the premises of ANA Futura. The Drafting Committee's task is to handle both scientific and administrative questions.

Department of Laboratory Medicine

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Lars Frelin

Facility manager
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Christina Sundqvist

Communications Officer
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Marjan Amiri

Laboratory Coordinator
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Tommy Eklund

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Hermon Berhane

Financial Manager
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Uwe Tietge

Professor/Clinical Chemist
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Gustaf Ahlén

Project Manager

Department of Medicine, Huddinge

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Rageia Elfageih

Laboratory Technician
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Tim Willinger

Principal Researcher
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Mari Gilljam

Biomedical Scientist

Department of Dental Medicine

Nikolce Tudzarovski

Research Coordinator
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Rachael Sugars

Senior Lecturer

Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology


Meeting dates - autumn 2024

3 September – 10.00-11.30

9 October - 10.00-11.30

6 November – 13.00-14.30

4 December – 13.00-14.30

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