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Contact Information - Internationalisation at the Study Programme Level

See below to find the contact information for the International Coordinators for exchange students, the International Relations Office and for the persons responsible for internationalisation at the different study programmes.

If you have questions regarding student exchange and the administration it involves, please contact the International Student Coordinators.

If you have questions regarding exchange agreements, regulations and exchange opportunities for teaching staff, please contact the International Relations Office.

If you have questions concerning internationalisation at a specific programme, please contact the person responsible for internationalisation at that programme.

Susanne Guidetti, the Study Programme in Occupational Therapy

Jenny Selander, the Master’s Programme in Work and Health

Anna Hjelmstedt, the Study Programme in Midwifery

Jonas Sundbäck, the Programmes in Biomedicine and Toxicology

Madelene Lek, the Master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship

Maura Heverin, the Study Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Claudia Hason, the Master's Programme in Global Health

Claudia Hason, the Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences

Maria Hägglund, the Master's Programme in Health Informatics

Anna-Carin Wahlberg, the Master's Programme in Clinical Medical Science

Ellika Schalling, the Study Programme in Speech and Language Pathology

Aida Wahlgren, the Study Programme in Medicine

Marika Wahlberg, the Study Programme in Optometry

Åsa Eriksson, the Study Programme in Psychology

Andreas Larsson, the Study Programme in Psychotherapy

Kent Fridell, the Study Programme in Radiography

Ann-Mari Thorsen, the Study Programme in Physiotherapy

Eva Doukkali, the Study Programme in Nursing

Gunilla Lilja, the Study Programme in Nursing

Anette Norman, the Study Programme in Dental Hygiene

Karin Garmin-Legert, the Study Programme in Dentistry