Contact information - internationalisation at the study programme level

Here you can find the contact information to the responsible unit or person if you have questions related to internationalisation and mobility in education.

If you have questions regarding student exchange and the administration it involves, please contact the International Student Coordinators.

If you have questions regarding exchange agreements, regulations and exchange opportunities for teaching staff, please contact the coordinators in the International Relations Office.

Responsible for internationalisation at each study programme

Mandana Fallah Pour, the Study Programme in Occupational Therapy

Susanne Guidetti, the Study Programme in Occupational Therapy

Jeannette Hagerstrom, the Study Programme in Audiology

Jenny Selander, the Master’s Programme in Work and Health

Wibke Jonas, the Study Programme in Midwifery

Liisa Svensson, the Study Programme in Midwifery

Jonas Sundbäck, the Programmes in Biomedicine

Jonas Sundbäck, the Master's Programme in Toxicology

Madelene Lek, the Master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship

Maura Heverin, the Study Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science

Claudia Hanson, the Master's Programme in Global Health

Claudia Hanson, the Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences

Nadia Davoody, the Master's Programme in Health Informatics

Niklas Zethraeus, the Master’s Programme in Health Economics, Policy and Management

Magdalena Rosell, the Master's Programme in Nutrition Science

Anna Eva Hallin, the Study Programme in Speech and Language Pathology

Aida Wahlgren, the Study Programme in Medicine

Marika Wahlberg, the Study Programme in Optometry

Janina Seubert, the Study Programme in Psychology

Hanna Sahlin, the Study Programme in Psychotherapy

Charlotte Palmqvist, the Study programme in Radiography

Marie Halvorsen, the Study Programme in Physiotherapy

Marianna Moberg, the Study Programme in Nursing

Annsofi Johannsen, the Study Programme in Dental Hygiene

Mae Suliman, the Study Programme in Dentistry

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