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Distance teaching and learning

Here you find a collection of links to resources and strategies which can be used for distance teaching and learning.



Real-time teaching via Zoom

As a KI staff member or student, you can hold seminar and teach up to 300 people using Zoom. You can even record Zoom meetings and share a link to the film for those who cannot attend in real-time.

Manual for Zoom


Log in to Zoom

Zoom is also integrated with the learning platform Canvas. In order to use Zoom from within the learning platform, you must first activate your Zoom-account (in Swedish).

You can find more support directly at Zoom.

Travel-free meetings

You can find more information to help you prepare for high-quality distance meetings on the page for travel-free meetings.

Record your presentation

You can record your presentation and share it with your students. The Educational Technologists support two services which you can use to record presentations and lectures:


With the tool Screencast-o-matic you can easily record and edit films and screencasts.
Instructions for Screen-cast-o-matic. If you need a password for the tool, please contact The Educational Technologists.


Record your presentation within Canvas via Kaltura Capture. Instructions for Kalture Capture.

Publish and distribute your course material

Do you need to learn more about Canvas?

  • For those who have not yet gotten started with Canvas, we have produced net-based basic publishing course which can be taken any place and at any time. Register for the Online Canvas Publishing Course.
  • There are many places available on our physical Canvas courses during the spring. Register for our Canvas courses (information in Swedish).
  • If you have finished the basic Canvas course you can book a time with an Educational Technologist for personal support. We will, until the 30 April, increase our capacity to offer this type of support. 

Since the 18th of March 2020 all theoretical classes and exams at KI will take place digitally and remotely.