KI DevReg Salon on Sustainability in Practice

Photo: Erika Tanos

We would like to thank our speaker Ingrid Berglund - a UNDP (UN Development Programme) representative. She motivated us with the good news that significant progress has been made regarding the Sustainable Development Goals - it’s definitely worth contributing and being an activist! From the feedback we received from the participants the discussion part, trying to think critically about what we do, in our own life and at work, and how we could include sustainability in small, everyday decisions was much appreciated. What is important is possible progress so far and how we can practically contribute ourselves.

As a result, we will put together some helpful tips, tools, guidelines and references tailored to medical/biological research environment to be published soon.

More comments & suggestions from the audience:

"It is very relevant to have these discussions, especially if it can be made more actionable. I even think we could start a facebook group or something on ´Sustainability at KI´ where people can post their suggestions, or the small actions they have taken today, like 'I brought my own take away mug so I didn't need to get a single-use cup from espresso house today'".

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