Sign up for the doctoral programme in development and regeneration

As a doctoral student at Karolinska Institutet you can sign up for one or more doctoral programme and thus obtain information on the courses and activities that are arranged. An expression of interest is submitted when you apply for admission to doctoral education, or at any time during the doctoral education by sending an email to Karolina Kublickiene or Hong Qian. This means that you will receive information from the the doctoral programme in development and regeneration about the programme's courses and activities. You may choose from what is offered, but you do not commit to participate in any activity, nor are you guaranteed admission to any of the courses organized within the framework of the programme.

Application and admission to courses on doctoral level

Application to courses is made directly in the Course catalogue at Karolinska Institutet. The available courses on doctoral level are announced once per semester. The catalogue for courses is published on around April 15 respectively October 15 and is open for application during one month.

After the application period is closed the applicant can only be admitted according to availability. A late application is made directly to the course organizer. KI's courses are open for registered doctoral students at all universities and colleges. If space allows, other applicants may also be accepted.

Formal note about admission (or not) is emailed to the applicants within a month after the application time is closed. If you are not admitted, you will be asked for interest to be on the waiting list. The applicant needs to confirm participation by a form signed by the applicant and his/hers supervisor.

Course catalogue

All syllabi for courses at doctoral level at KI are collected in the KIWAS database.

Do you want to become a doctoral student at KI?

Doctoral education at KI (aiming for a Ph.D. degree) is to a large extent based on the individual research project of each doctoral student. The starting date is different for each doctoral student. The thematic doctoral programmes at KI are not common “programmes” (like master’s degree programmes) where a whole class studies together. Once admitted to doctoral education at KI, the doctoral student can sign up to one or several of KI’s doctoral programmes to obtain information about the courses and activities that are arranged within specific research fields.

Information about how to become a doctoral student at KI and the procedure from recruitment to admission.

Join the Gendered Innovation Alliance!

The Gendered Innovation Alliance at Karolinska Institutet is a potential framework for training, knowledge and experience exchange for the successful execution for inclusion of concepts of sex, gender and diversity as biological and social variables in biomedical research and education.