Update ISP: Half-time review & Public defence

Half-time review

More information about the half-time review

1 month before half-time review:

  • The principal supervisor creates a new version of the ISP and clicks the button Update data from Ladok.
  • The ISP should stay open in the revision mode until after the half-time seminar. 

2 weeks before the half-time seminar:

  • Send the updated ISP to the half-time committee together with other half-time review documentation.

After the half-time review: 

  • The doctoral student and the principal supervisor follow-up the ISP after discussing issues raised at the half-time review. 
  • Update the date of the half-time seminar, Section 3 in the ISP-system.

Upload the following documentssee the list of obligatory attachments:

  • Half-time review form 5 with committee comments
  • Half-time report written by the doctoral student

Before public defence or licentiate seminar

It is recommended to make a final update of the ISP prior to application for public defence or licentiate seminar, especially regarding the following:

  • Section 4. Courses: The ISP is automatically updated from Ladok when a new version is created.
  • Section 10. Degree outcomes: Update with completed activities so it is clear that the outcomes are reached.
  • Sections 6 and 11. Papers/manuscripts: Update the status of the sub projects and upload all papers and manuscripts included in the thesis.
  • Sections 9 and 11. Ethical permits: Make sure that all relevant ethical permits are uploaded.
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