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You can easily have meetings remotely via your computer. There are various tools for setting up a conversation with several people.

Skype for Business

If you need to set up a meeting with other employees at KI, it's best to use Skype. You can, for example, hold meetings of up to 250 people, chat, share documents and share your screen. In addition to KI's employees, you can add anyone who has a Skype account.

More about Skype for Business


Zoom is a tool for online meetings. It has similar features like Adobe Connect and you can use it for online seminars, lectures, tutorials, and meetings.

Zoom is also integrated with the learning platform Canvas. In order to use Zoom from within the learning platform, you must first activate your Zoom-account (in Swedish).

Learn more about using Zoom (in Swedish)

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect will be replaced by the new tool Zoom. The decommissioning of Adobe Connect takes place in several stages:

  • The recording function will close on January 31, 2019
  • August 31, 2019, login closes to Adobe Connect
  • Recorded material is available until January 31, 2021, when the service ends

Learn more about the decommissioning of Adobe Connect (in Swedish).