Practice integrated learning

Practice integrated learning is a collective term for pedagogical models based on collaboration and integration between higher education and working life.

About practice integrated learning

Practice integrated learning can take place in the form of clinical education, study visits, auscultation, internships or field studies in outpatient and inpatient care or in other relevant locations. Clinical education takes place mainly in hospitals, in outpatient care and in municipal health and medical care.

Within clinical education, opportunities are provided for interprofessional collaboration with students from various study programmes with the aim of e.g. to increase knowledge of and understanding of different professional categories in healthcare and to strengthen one's own professional role.

In the vast majority of Karolinska Institutet's study programmes, practice integrated learning is an integral part of the education. Through the working group for practice integrated learning, the Committee of Higher Education supports the study programmes in their work in collaboration with the region and the municipality.

Model for pedagogical competence

On Verksamhetsintegrerat lärande (VIL) (Swedish page) you can see a pedagogical competence model.

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