Group page

All groups that exist in Primula, i.e. in KI's organisation, will be able to have their own group page on with some information automatically retriewed from KI RIMS. Group means research group, unit, team.

The process:

The initial transfer of information from the existing pages to the new group pages on will be done by web editors with the support of the KI RIMS project. This work starts in November/December. Research groups, teams, and units will be the first to receive attention. After that, work on other types of groupings, such as centers, networks, and core facilities, will start. 

Instructions for how a group leader/manager handles the group's information (for example members, funders, and the group's publications) in KI RIMS will be available on the KI RIMS support pages a bit further ahead.

Information from KI RIMS

The groups are sent to from KI RIMS with basic information about the group. The basic information that comes from KI RIMS consists of:

  • Name of the group
  • Brief description of the group
  • Who the group leader/manager is
  • Members of the group
  • Publications (if it is a group that conducts research)
  • Funders (if it is a group that conducts research)
  • Labels

More information on the web

The group page with basic information is sent to where an editor can add more information and publish the page so that it is visible on

Examples of more information that can be added: a longer description of what the group does, pictures, graphs, if you are responsible for a course, social media and more.

The tags placed on a group will be very important for the filter search that will be developed on in February 2024.

A dummy screenshot of a group page